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Install and run 3D Coat from an external hard drive in OSX


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I just downloaded 3d Coat demo to evaluate the software, I'm running out of space on my local hard drive and I'm running the software from my external hard drive. The problem I'm having is that text is not rendered by the program. If I move the app folder to the Applications root folder it works ok, but if I move it back to my external hard drive the text is not rendered.


Is there something I can do to have this problem solved?


Thank you very much.

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You could try using carbon copy cloner and clone your OS + what you need over to a new Hardrive without all the other stuff that's filling your current hard drive and see if things work better for you when you boot in to your cloned OS?


Or clone all the stuff that's currently filling your computer that you don't need to an external HD without having to boot in to a cloned external HD?

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