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Richard A.

Need a tutorial for draping

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A friend told me that 3D Coat has draping.  If so is there a tutorial (possibly a vid) that someone can direct me to to learn how to work with this tool? 


I'd need to import a posed figure and then a clothing item I made in ZBrush.  It's to make joint controlled morph's to help with how digital cloth lies over the figures form when posed. 


Thanks so much

Richard :)

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Hi Richard, as far as I'm aware your cloth mesh will need to be imported as a retopo mesh.

The mesh you wish to drape over will have to be merged/imported in voxel mode.

The Cloth  tool is under Objects in voxel mode. Not sure if it's been added in Surface mode yet?


In the Cloth options  'pick from retopo' you select the  retopo mesh you wish to drape over the voxel form

After you have run the operation you click the "to retopo" option to send it back as a retopo mesh.

From there you could export out the altered mesh to use as a morph.

As the retopo cloth begins it's simulation you can increase the size of your brush with the bracket keys

to further pull and adjust the cloth as it transforms. It's a little hit and miss.


Not sure whether the cloth simulator will give you all the subtle control you may require for pinning.

I've only ever used it to drop over forms to create such things as bat's wings etc.


With regard cloth sculpting I know you can also merge your retopo to surface mode and use the option 'conform with retopo mesh' which can be set from the transform tool in surface mode. I'm sure therefore you could use this to further fine tune your results in surface mode whilst it updated your retopo mesh.


Hope that is of some help and do please post back what you find out.

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Hmmm but then wouldn't my verts be all messed up, so then it wouldn't work as a morph target for the original mesh or would it?  I don't think this is the solution I was after if not. 


The conformer is made and has allot of morphs already added to it so if this would cause me to start anew I can't take that sort of time..... I may see about using Poser's draping room and see if that will work.....


Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it. 


Richard :)

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