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The Candy-floss Kid

Voxel Mode 2D-Paint - toggle normals sample mode on and off?

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Until today I never realized that 2D-Paint tool in voxel mode opens defaulted to sampling off the normal of the surface.

Doing so has made it a really cool tool and works with the alpha in a way far better than I remember from earlier versions.

I'd remembered it historically as always requiring to be set by right mouse clicking with no option to sample normals?




My question is , If you've used the right click method how do you toggle back to the normal sampling method?


Also is there now a means to switch on and off a sample to normal modes across the various tools in 3DCoat?



Out of interest it was this video by Manuel Angel Piñeiro on youtube where he paints on the lovely details of the flowers on the sides of the ring.

I wondered what he was using? Wondering perhaps if it was the merge on surface tool and was surprised to see that he was using the 2d-paint tool with such great results - it seems far improved to how I remembered it.


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