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[SOLD] Selling EDU 3d coat 4.5


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Greetings to all , 


i just bought the Pro version "used" from a former 3d coat artist (Thank you one more time my friend).



This brings me with 2 licenses , one Pro and one Edu.



I would like to sell the Edu at $70 from $99.


License is in Steam , but it works without steam as well as described here





Q: How can I use the latest builds that are not supplied on Steam (v4 beta, etc.)?
A: Copy license.dat from MyDocs\3D-CoatV3\ to MyDocs\3D-CoatV4\To get key directly run Regedit.exe and search for SteamKey field.

Q: How can I upgrade my license of 3DC that I purchased from Steam?
A: All upgrades are done directly through Pilgway, and can be done HERE. This is also true when buying from any reseller.



Version 4.5 WIN with free 4.xx upgrades.



Thank you in advance



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Thank you very much for the good words carlosan , took me a while but i finally did it lol.


Will use google+ and facebook as suggested , much appreciated.

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