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Scene Design Using Low Poly Blocks Out Before Sculpting

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‪PigArt is well known in the Blender community for fab low poly scenes with charm and appeal.‬

Using extrusions + w to subdivide low poly block outs >use of Displace modifier driven by a brush texture “clouds” with a further modifier “Decimate” to triangulate the form and support the displacement. Sculpt out with proportional editing = simple and effective low poly blocking out.

Regardless of what software you use, the principles demonstrated underline the speed advantages of using low poly blocking out techniques for scene construction with regard quickly judging and modifying the compositional weight and balance of form and volume relationships to achieve a strong design before moving on to sculpting and higher resolutions.


Grab a whistle put on your lycra shorts and dance to 'Broken Bridge'‬ by PigArt.

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