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I am interest in scripting for 3D-Coat.

I am scripting for Cinema 4D in c.o.f.f.e.e. and Python.


Where can i get information about scripting in 3D-Coat?

What programming language is it in 3D-Coat?


Is it possible to write a texture maker script that read material paint informations and write it into a color ID map?

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Hi, Jack.
I'm began to work the scripting for 3DCoat and on today we have this tutorials and this doc.
Sorry for waiting: till recently only Andrew Shpagin evolved the coat-scripting, but he's working for other big tasks.


> Is it possible to write a texture maker script that read material paint informations and write it into a color ID map?

Answer on today: "No". I'm already pushed this wish to my TODO-list.


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6 years later.. sorry guys if i dig up this old topic.. Please move this if it's better suited elsewhere.

But how deep is the scripting in 3DC? Can we do overloads on certain functions? overriding internal functions?

What i'm getting at is to listen for mouseclick inside the sculpt tools menu to run a script when clicking on a saved tool, sort of passing the object in as variable through a pointer ( or reference) then bypass the "Apply" function and the following dialog that always turns up.

There's a few other things i feel could streamline the operation in 3DC that would make it much more enloyable but as it seems i can only do simple tasks and only run a script at a top level

Edit: Maybe i should have posted this as a regular question but it seems i can't delete the reply.. so

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– Scripting is a series of commands that are able to be executed without the need for compiling.
When we select a tool or execute a function we are executing a command already included in the program. Creating a script allows us to combine these commands to automatically execute a series of steps that speed up our work.

– Core API (Application Programming Interface) is not just the scripting, the code you write runs at full speed of compiled C++.
It is the powerful method to extend the 3DCoat’s functionality. You may automate the job or add principally new tools.


check it please

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Thanks. I have checked the Core API ( Application Programming Interface) and read through the online manual a few times as well as have tried some scripts but this just hint's me this is some top level functionality that only get me so far and this is not what i'm after..
Overriding / overloading the original function would be the best, but this is what eludes me, what the main application allows me to do..



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