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Material Color ID Map?

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I think it is great to change material from one 3D App to another.

Not the settings of a material. But a texture map that show where is what material.


I don't mean color material render pass in multi pass renderings!!!

I mean texture maps with one color per material.


DDO, Substance Painter, 3D Max can use material Color Id Maps.

Unreal Engine 4 can use 3 Materials in a Color ID map.



(Source DDO: http://quixel.se/dev/ddo)


Is it possible in 3D Coat to generate a Color ID Map?

I thinking about the paint brush that paint pbr paint in a extra layer too.

Setting a brush to added painting white in a extra layer while painting a pbr? The layer can I change when i change the pbr material.


Or setting brush to add a per brush defined color that is painting in one layer while pbr material painting.


Allways I mean One brush paint in 2 Layer. One for the material color (or more for specular, reflection ect.) AND another layer for Color ID Map.



My english is not so good.

Can you understand what i mean?



Some Links:














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+1000 id maps and sculpt layers.....

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Optimization of Tools

For Rivet Busters, it was a group of four of us working on the project: Jati Darmawan, Clayton Chod, Garrett Stevens and I. However, we all divided up sections of the project so that we would all have clear ownership of who made what. When creating things on your own, you have to be smart about how much you can handle, what to cut, and where to optimize your workflow.

A workflow optimization that I made, was to utilize Unreal Engine’s layered material system. This allowed me to focus on the modeling, and once done all the bakes go straight in engine along with a material ID map and get plugged into a layered material, which essentially skips the whole texturing process once you have all of the master materials you need.

I took this process one step further on my latest personal project, Futuristic Hospital Sant Pau. With Substance Designer the same concepts apply in which you model something, give it a material ID map, and let your already set up materials do the texturing work for you. The difference here is that you are able to go into much more detail and do a lot more.


Source: http://80.lv/articles/bioware-artist-on-modeling-epic-structures-in-3d/

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(Nothing as far as i see)

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