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Hi guys;


So I have this project and I'm trying to painting the details using the normal map painting feature. 


However I got these weird artefacts when I try to smooth my brush strokes. 

I tried with the welding vertices option on, checking the normals and removing doubles in an external application, etc. 

I'm using the build 4.5.03. 



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Hi, I tried to do what I had to do even with the artefacts. 

But then I exported the normal map and rendered in Blender and got this;



I've searched in the forum and found similar issues from another users but no solution at all. 

I tried to invert the green channel, edited the seams in photoshop, checked if I imported the mesh with the Blender normal map preset, checked and unchecked padding and no luck. 


I've imported the mesh in 3DCoat and imported the normal map in the paint room and the seams appeared; however it doesn't appear in the original file where I am painting the normals. 

I also tried to set the same scene in marmoset and got the same issue (however the weird "illumination" effect didn't happened). 


If any of you guys could say anything, anything at all (even if it's something like "yeah, no luck, it's a bug, it will not work at all), please do so because I missed a deadline today and I have 2 more models like this to do and if I can't get it done in 3D-Coat I'll have to look for another solution asap to finish the projects. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi !

your preferences select Blender as export default ?




Hey Carlos,


Yeah, my settings are exactly like that. 

I tried baking the normals instead of exporting but no luck. 

I also painted some random stuff in the normals on the other 2 heads but I got the same issues. 

If the problems occur only on the top of the head I can try to save the model adding hair, but the problem appears on the other seams too, like on the neck area and the back. 

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I found a way to get the map right, but I don't know if it make a lot of sense. 


I usually use Thea Render to render my works, but I'm trying to render my personal character stuff in Cycles. 

It was a long time since I used Cycles for anything, so I started looking for the approach to work with linear workflow. And what I found is that Cycles automatically linearizes the textures you put in your shaders; wich often times cannot work properly in normal maps. 

So I switched in the texture input to "non color data" and the problem is gone:




However I sitll get the same issues in Marmoset. 


Is there a way to change the gamma output of generated textures inside 3D Coat?

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