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Is there any way to return the sculpt tools to default?


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I went through and tested all Voxel and Surface Tools to see which ones would properly use the Brush Alphas with the Stamp Mode Stroke. One of the features that I am not sure I like is that 3D-Coat saves everything that I do, so if I tweak something while experimenting, that is how it is the next time that I open 3D-Coat. That would be great if I knew what I was doing, but since I am just learning, I like the option of being able to return to defaults. I see where I can restore the workspace and hotkeys, but I don't see where I can reset the Tools so that they have their default Alphas, Strokes and settings. If you know if resetting the sculpt tools to their defaults is possible, please let me know. Thanks.

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There is a checkbox in the Preferences panel > under the General tab > Remember Brush alpha for each tool (something like that...can look it up now, but it's toward top). Sometimes you want 3D Coat to remember and sometimes you don't. That's what it is there for

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