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Fine details?

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Hello 3D coat community could you tell me which tools i need to use to get the sort of fine line detailing around the panels in the picture i have posted. Could i get the detailing that thin and sharp using curve pen tools if so which tool or tools would you suggest? Thanks IO.



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this should be automatic like panel loops.  theres a bunch of people on youtube painting these bevels like that

would be fun...NOT


the only somwhat automatic way ive found to do this is to use Hide instead of split to create my panels

depending on what type of detail it is.  the hide tool has options to define a bevel type.  when you unhide

you get a cool result which might be similar to what you want and is pretty automatic


there may be a bug in the hide process in that you have to delete hidden frequently and it doesnt get deleted

which is very annoying...anyone got ideas for that?                                  


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Vox Layer Tool and Vox Extrude Tool are good for that.

Also check this video out. (He started this model in Blender but starts using 3D-Coat at 2:39 in the video.)

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