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Curvature map problem (missing & jagged edges)

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I've made a few test meshes in Blender and all of them have the same problem - missing edges (seems random) in curvature map and jagged curvature edges:



I've attached the mesh that I've used here, what's wrong with it? I've tried changing UV maps and nothing changed... I've also made a few different simple meshes like this one, and these missing curvature edges seem to appear random.


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There is a bug in one of the latest builds that causes this. I spotted this over the weekend on a project, we'll need to submit a bug report. I have not yet checked which was the last build that this doesn't happen in.

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Sorry, I didn't get an email about your reply to the thread. I did see your post on Mantis though, so I'm glad you got that sorted. I marked it as important to fix and assigned it to Andrew. So hopefully it'll be fixed in the next build.

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- your model have polygons intersecting one inside the other

- Some n-gons

- there isnt uvseams marked but all edges are marked sharp.

- the UVset faces are separated.


A clean retopology and UVset before paint could help.


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Thanks, I know, this model is far from perfect and it's only for problem demonstration purposes. As you can see in the bug report ( http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1954 ), other models also have this problem. I can't check it on my own right now (outside of my workstation), but as far as I remember, even a simple cube had this problem - some curvature edges were missing.

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I sent my models from Blender into the Sculpt Room.

Subdivided it a several time with flat subdividsion or normal subdivision, depends on the model.

Then i sent my models from Blender into the Retopo Room as Lowpoly

And then i bake my normalmap from the Highpoly into the lowpoly.


With this workflow you get rid of that problem.


If you dont want to bake in 3d coat, you could bake it external in xnromal or Blender itself, and then import the Normalmap into Paint Room to generate Ao and Curvature.

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