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vertex painting / splatmap + tiled textures


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Hello everyone!

For video game development, it would be nice to be able to paint tilable textures onto meshes in realtime. Especially terrain heavily uses texture tiling + blending.

Then, for exporting, 3D-Coat could use vertex painting or an RGB/RGBA-splatmap for describing where the different textures are located and how opaque they are.


For example:

1. I have 3 textures that I can tile.

2. Painting the mesh (maybe on a special layer blend?) with the 3 textures referenced

3. Export mesh and splatmap or mesh including vertex colors (referencing the textures)

4. In the game engine, use the 3 textures and vertex colors or the splatmap for blending the textures.


Right now, I am using two different ways:

1. Paint RGB on the mesh and export it as a texture, which can be used by Unity for texture splatting

2. Vertex paint on the mesh in Blender, then use vertex colors in Unity for texture splatting

The problem with these approaches is, that I don’t see the tiled texture blend in realtime.


Many thanks in advance,



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