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[Bug] Magic Wand Tool - Currently unusable

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I just used the magic wand tool in 3DCoat on my current model which has a Mask layer that contains a multi-coloured texture with all my component parts.


Firstly, the tool is VERY VERY slow; literally the program froze for about a minute and a half while attempting the operation.  I have a model with 7 Materials applied each at 4096x4096.  Unfreezing takes just as long to perform.  It's a far from ideal situation and I've discovered that sending all layers to Photoshop and doing a mask selection and filling a layer with flat colour is a far quicker operation.


Anyone else experiencing this or had problems with the Magic Wand tool in 3DCoat?  I'm not sure if it even has a contiguous/non-contiguous setting.


Any help/advice appreciated.

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Shame really, as it's extremely useful.  Especially now that we can do more in 3dCoat with the PBTexturing I spend longer in the program than I ever have as it's more 'on-target' for Unreal Engine 4.


This lack of decent magic wand speed is really the only thing that is slowing me down as I tend to make a multi-coloured Mask layer that I colour pick from to work on the fly in Photoshop.  I like to keep my layers to a minimum.

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Just to add my 2 cents: I use it, but not often as it's so slow at higher resolutions. But I definitely have use for it!

It's odd too - the Fill tool (which with colour tolerance must operate the same way?) is not as slow, and unfreezing *is* slow, so I suspect it's the freezing operation itself that's slowing things down.

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