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Hi everyone. I am very new to sculpting software since I usually just model with Rhino.


I'm trying to figure out what type of drawing tablet and pen I should get to fit with 3d-coat since that's the main sculting program I will be using. Do you have any suggestions?


I have a windows 8 Toshiba touch screen. Is it possible to just use a pen directly on my laptop screen since it's a touch screen? I'm trying to be frugal. College student budget.


Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

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If you want to be a professional who sculpts digitally every day for many hours, then you need to consider physical exhaustion and muscle soreness problems.

Exhaustion scale:

5 = most exhausting

1 = least exhausting

Drawing on a laptop screen with a stylus = 5

Drawing on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD = 4

Drawing on a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD = 2

Drawing on a Wacom Intuos = 1

For least exhaustion Intuos is best because both arms rest on the desk during work. Head is upright looking forward directly at the computer screen. Luckily, Intuos drawing tablets are fairly inexpensive.

Cintiq 27QHD receives a 2 exhaustion rating only if it is used optimally. The optimal setup is to attach it to a desk mount monitor arm (such as the Ergotron brand). VESA mounting holes exist on the back of the unit for this purpose. Once mounted, it should be lowered below the desk and angled at 40 degrees to resemble an architectural drafting desk. This way both arms of the artist rest directly on the screen while drawing and the head is looking only slightly downwards. After many hours of work the neck will still become sore, but not extremely sore.

Drawing on a laptop touchscreen with a pressure sensitive pen gets a 5 exhaustion rating (worst) because it requires the artist to look downwards at the screen continually while working (if the screen is laid flat on a desk). After several hours of work the neck and shoulders become very sore. If the screen is set up vertically on a desk, then the artist must hold their arm up continually while drawing on the screen. This results in arm soreness after several hours of work.

In summary, I suggest plugging an Intuos into your laptop and using that instead of drawing directly on the touchscreen. This way you will not become exhausted while working for many hours at a time.

Alternatively you can still try drawing on the screen, and take many distracting breaks to avoid exhaustion, but you will be much less productive. In addition to their drawing tablets, Wacom offers several stylus models for drawing on touchscreens if you still want to purchase one despite the potential exhaustion problems.

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