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[Solved] Normal maps in Smart Materials ?


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Hi, I've recently been working on some 3D models for use in Unity, and I would like to paint textures with Smart Materials.


For each texture that I wish to paint with, I have the albedo texture + a normal map. These normal maps work great in Unity, however I am unable to use them as a "depth" map in 3D-Coat.


Is there a way to utilize these normal maps as depth maps? 

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It is difficult and never accurate to convert the normal map to bump/depth/height map and this is probably the reason why it's not supported.
You might try your luck with Bitmap2Material3, it seems to do an okay job here.

I heard some rumors that CrazyBump can do the conversion, but I can't tell for certain. I only used it when it was in BETA stage.

Also, I once stumbled upon a tool that was written specifically for Doom 3, but IIRC it worked with 3D-Coat with, what I would call, a fairly good result (after some processing). (http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/~oliveira/RTM.html)

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Hmm.. I see.. That is rather unfortunate, and I guess it's my fault for assuming that 3DC had this functionality before I purchased it..

I will definitely check out that piece of software, and I really appreciate the response!!


Would you (or anyone else on the forums) know how to paint with multiple layers at once? For instance, let's say I have a repeating texture TEX_albedo.png and TEX_normal.png. Would it be possible to create a smart material that paints with both of these simultaneously in multiple layers? With this method, I would still be able to paint with normals that match the location of the albedo map.


Thanks again!

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