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baking details of imported mesh


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I made a simple hard-surface low-poly model in 3ds max.

Then I want to import it to 3dc, to subdivide (up to several millions poligons) and to add details. Then I want to bake a normal map, to apply it to the original mesh (in Unity engine)

How to do it? Describe a procedure.

And I also want to bake AO.

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Import your mesh into the Sculpt room

Subdivide your mesh from the Tool Options panel

Add your details

Import your original mesh in the Retopo Room as a Retopo Object from the Retopo Menu

From the bake menu, select one of the baking options

AO will be an option through the prompts, but if you don't do it at this point, it can be done from the Paint Room under Textures>Calculate AO

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Bake w normal map. This will bring your model into the paint room with a normal map and you can start painting on your different channels using the layers system. When done

File - > Export Object and Textures -> save your model and textures to your Unity assets folder

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