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Hello 3D-Coat forums! This is my first time attempting PBR ever and I decided to try it in 3D-Coat since I already owned it and sketchfab recently supported exporting from 3D-Coat. I learned a lot along the way about how to make layered smart materials and how the whole PBR process works. For instance, I was confused that when uploading to sketchfab there was only one material for the whole model! So to solve that I separated my model's parts into similar metal/roughness and then split it into 3 UV maps, one for high metalness/high roughness, one for high metalness/low roughness, etc. This worked and that's the model you see on sketchfab, but this was before I knew what metalness/roughness maps were, so it was complete overkill and I'll know not to do that again, I was just used to having multiple materials for different parts of the object. It was also tricky learning the ins and outs of smart materials and how to mask certain layers and get things like rust to appear where you wanted, at first I made layer masks to explicitly select where materials went but this was limiting and also before I knew to turn off albedo tolerance in the paint bucket tool. Overall I'm happy with how it turned out though I know it could always be better, hopefully my next PBR model in 3D-Coat will reflect that. Thanks for checking this out and let me know what you think.

























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