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Texture painting with clipping faces ? Smudge/Smear ?

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Hi there !


I'm a long time Blender/Gimp/Krita user but I'm quited tired of blender's texture painting... No layers and all.. It's been troubling me for a while.

So I made my first steps to 3D Coat a few days ago and I love the app so far.


Two things are bugging me though :


1 - I googled a lot and tried a lot of options ("paint through") and all but I can't seem to get the behavior I'd like with the brush concerning clipping faces.

I'd like the brush to paint everything under it, and not just snapping on a particular polygon. Is it possible ?




2 - I googled that already and it seems there isn't but I'm still asking... who knows ;)

Is there a smudge/smear brush in texture painting ?


Thanks a lot for your help !



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Hi !

Hope it help





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Hi Carlosan !


Yeah that volume based option is exactly what I needed ! Thanks a lot !


However I already tried the smudge brush but I don't understand how it works.

I'm just trying to blend/mix two colors together for instance, but it does seem to work like that. Am I doing it wrong ?

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"Smooth" under the Color Operations Tool is probably what you're looking for instead of Smudge. However fyi, it will only effectively work on lower resolution textures (more on that here: http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1502 ). If you want to 'blend' between colors on a high res texture then using projection with an external app is your best bet.

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