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[Solved] Texture Painting Symmetry behaves weird


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Hello guys,


I have a silly little Problem with my Symmetry in Coat ( CUDA-DX64 - Steamversion).

I have Imported a Blender Model as Obj, ordered Coat to create a new UV automaticly and started to texture it.


The Symmetry window is open, the symmetry is enabled and should mirror the X-Axis.

No matter what type of Symmetry ( global or local) does not matter, i tried both and nothing was fixed.


If I draw my texture at the right side, i was used that symmetry mirror should do the same on the left side too since symmetry is active. Thats what I think atleast.

Of course the Program tries it, but the Painted Line gets broken and shattered, while the side where i am drawing everything works fine.


I guess i probably did something wrong in the settings, but i have no idea where i can find a setting for the range of symmetry-painting if it does exist.


here is just a example image, which shows what exactly happens actualy on symmetry mode.:





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It maybe that your model is not truly symmetrical. Import it to the Sculpt room and make any sort of modification (like Smooth for instance) to the side you want to keep and with Symmetry enabled, use the sym copy tool at the bottom of the voxel window to create an absolutely symmetrical copy on the other side,


Using "Autopo" (right click on the volume) moving you to the "Retopo" room. Create seams where you want them and use the "Unwrap" tool to get a proper UV map and in the "Bake" menu, select "Retopo->per pixel(no Baking)", you can then switch to the "Paint" room and get what you expect.

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The mesh is completely symmetric, since i meshed it in x-symmetry in blender, so there cannot be any a-symmetric parts. If so, then texturing it in x-axis-symmetry in blender would not work as well.I didnt change anything after applying the mesh mirror modifer. so its hard to imagine that it would be not symmetric. :/ Except Coat does calculate symmetry way different than blender does, or Coat does not like to work proberly with different externt models if they was not done in coat directly.. but thats only a guess.


anyway, i tried your suggestion, and it didnt work. the only result was a program crash.

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I just found it out now. Its simple, but its something I didn't thought about as well. :D


I am used to if i make a Hood Mesh, i copy the Faces and flip the copied Faces inside in the same Object, so that if i have it included in a gameEngine that face culling does not make the Hood outside visible and inside invisible, since i want to see the hood inside and outside in same time.


Maybe the CoatProgram has a little Problem to notice this Idea, but i could be wrong. Unitys Developers does atleast suggest that Action for Character creations since Facecull-Off would cause Problems.


Anyway, now i know this, and i will texture the mesh before copy-flipping-action. :)


still, thank you for helping. I realy appreciate it.

sry if i sounded little rude at one point.

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