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does it keep track (show you) what colors you have used on your model? meaning if I use say 8 different colors on say 3 different layers  and save it  then reopen it later ill still be able to see my colors that I used  or have a history layer. also can you copy all paint used on a layer or object and paste /apply it on a different part of your model. it drives me crazy and waste time trying to find what colors I used on models. I use blender and when I create a new color/material it stays there and I can name it also when I use the color picker it gets chosen but I use it mostly  for modeling thanks.

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Yeah I have seen some SP Tutorials I see that sp shows you your brush settings and material setups which is called a Tool.it also keeps a history of brushes used . I would like to know if you /when you reopen that file/object that you had done work on is all that information still going to be there. its not in 3dc at all which for the life of me it should be in there right out of the gate. how can you see what you have used on a model other then writing down all the RGB info (fyi when I try those same value # s in blender I get a different color) and what stencil you have used etc.. just looking for a paint program with more info feed back/history SP seams to be it but like most tutorials don't reopen a old project. thanks any way I though I was going to get another zero post on this lol

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As far as i see, then yes.

If you save your brush as Tool it is stored as new Tool with all informations of Material, Stencils and stuff like that.

After you reload or open a new file, it you could use it for a new project or to work again with it.

But there is no history as far as i see.

If you work with 10 different Materials and stencils, you have to create 10 Tools.

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KenJiang said

My Texturing Steps:
0. Bake all the necessary maps from the high poly. (low poly needs to be exported as fbx if you have multiple UVs)
1. Create procedural material templates (with tweakable parameters exposed) for each material in SD5.
2. Assign base materials exported from SD5 on the low poly in Substance Painter.
3. Define and paint material details in SP.
4. In the first shading group, wrap the hand painting details and layers and save them as smart materials.
5. Apply the smart materials on the rest shading groups.
6. Detail Refinement.

All the templates and smart materials are created to be reused.

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