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Clone Pattern tool?


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Hello and nice to meet you all fellow artists!


I have a set of hand painted texture I have made from photoshop and need to be applied to a collection of buildings. These include textures for walls, roofs, wood, bricks etc that can be applied to parts of buildings. I would like to use a similar tool from photoshop called clone pattern if theres one in 3d coat? Or is there another method you might use to ease the process than using the brush tool and apply your textures as stamps?


Thanks in regard!

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I would try in PPP  Smart Materials  then click on the  +NEW  in the window on bottom  that will bring up the  Smart Material Properties  > in there click green ball which says  ... click to select color texture...  then you can load in /pick your image / tga,bmp,png etc file  I don't see a psd file format . name it what you want set your Preferred Mapping  (you can change this) I use From Camera  then save as new . Once its in select it it will overlay on your model you can resize ,rotate etc  I use the paint bucket tool  with Use color [albedo] Tolerance  turned off  then click on your model and your image is on it (both sides or all way around it  this way) I love this feature in 3dc. I don't have PS loaded yet so  I have not tried using  Textures > Import > Layers Color  it says it will bring in the color channels from PSD file to all layers. I have not tried to see what different resolution on images when applied on a model look better or not I would think a 1920 looks better then say 800  not sure how 3dc handles images in SM meaning if there is a limit on them /3dc maximum resolution . just my way of doing this im sure there are other ways still getting use to the program myself :)

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