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My second Digital Tutors tutorial


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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that after many months of work my second tutorial for Digital Tutors is up. This one is an arch viz scene done with LightWave and LWCad 4.51. Also included is a bit on using Denis Pontonnier's DP Verdure plugin to make some trees and bushes. Of course DT is a pay site but it is 5 hours long and if anyone is really interested in watching the whole thing I have a couple of invites I can give out to watch it for free. I would rather those go to people who really want to watch it all though since I only have 3 and don't want them to be wasted. Check it out at the link below, the first video is a preview for anyone to see.


Digital Tutors also made a preview video of it on Vimeo:



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...by the way, all this CAD stuff reminds me that 3D-Coat needs more CAD-style modeling tools.

CAD is usually NURBS modeling, but I think 3D-Coat's voxel hard surface modeling is actually very similar to CAD modeling, and many CAD methods of modeling can be used the same way in 3D-Coat.

For example we already have some nice 2D and 3D grid-snapping in 3D-Coat, combined with the ability to draw out, extrude, or boolean objects from b-spline curves, and even a nice new measuring tool, so we are more than halfway there! If Andrew just tied these kinds of basic CAD style "sketch" tools together, we could be modeling stuff to exact engineering specs in 3D-Coat! I'm sure there are many customers who would find multiple good uses for that!

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