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Hi. Had 3DC for a long time (back when it was called 3D Brush (I think that was the original name.)  I finally have the time away from work to get into it.


I've been making a lot of hard surface models lately in Lightwave (9.6) and hoped to use 3D-Coat (4.5) to do the UV mapping along with Photoshop CC.  I wanted to use multiple UV sets to cut down the "clutter" and make it easier to paint.  Many of the models are structures -- cabins, barns, etc, so there's lots of boards.  Using pattern fill (Photoshop) works great for this purpose.
However, I can't seem to find the method to work with the individual maps in 3DC.  I create the maps in Lightwave and import using "UV Map Mesh" into 3DC.  In 3DC, I see the "choose uv map set" and the preview of the chosen one.  So I'd like to Edit|Edit all layers in external editor.  So I select that and then answer the question of which set I want to edit.  I do the edit, and here's where my confusion starts.  Back in 3DC, I want to edit another set but retain the first one.  I'm sure there's some procedure, but haven't figured it out yet of found a tutorial that shows how to prepare all the sets and finally apply and export.
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Sorry delay, I didn't see your message until now


Maps: you mind "texture maps" or uvsets ?


I create the maps in Lightwave and import using "UV Map Mesh" into 3DC.

Could you please point where is that command UV Map Mesh



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