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[Feature] UV Question- Is there a Fully Transparent Wireframe View in the UV Room ?

Adam Gibson

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Hey Guys,


Have a question for you.


Is there a full transparency mode/or Xray Mode for the UV Room?


So it's easier to select hard to reach edges or hidden edges (while marking UV Seams) on your models.


I generally find this a necessary feature if you are UV Mapping a Sub-D model that has not been retopologized or a model that has overlapping polygons that hide some of the edges.


In Lightwave and other 3D packages we a fully transparent Wireframe Mode and in the UV Layout Software we have an XRay Mode that you can adjust the transparency of the Polygons.


Does this option already exist in 3DC? If so I'd love to know where it is. I've searched all over but can't seam to find it :(


Thanks in Advance Guys :)


Adam :)

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Feature] UV Question- Is there a Fully Transparent Wireframe View in the UV Room ?
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I really surprised, we still do not have real wireframe X ray shading mode in paint room ^^; 

It must need option for future 2021 beta.

Or everytime I need to exchange eye icon for layer 0 + adjust opacity of the layer but I hope to keep it usually... (to export alpha correctly what I adjust)

Though I am not pro and often forget tool, then if there is way to get wireframe view (can see backface vertex edges), hope to know in paint room.

I means this view =wire frame view shading.



Or there is way to adjust X-ray without change opacity or each layer visiblity + wire frame mode?

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Hi Carosan thanks. I do not use sculpt layer for this case (texture paint mesh ), then do not know it related with.

And maybe texture room opacity setting is for current brush opacity, I suppose. 

then each layer may have opacity setting. but I do not hope to it to change setting (eg I use it to adjust the layer opacity for export texture)

I sometimes hope to see all mesh poligon through back face. but I suppose 3d coat not offer such view mode in texture/UV?tweak room right?

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