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Surface Book Results w/ 3D-Coat


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For those interested. Installed 3D-Coat on a new i7 Surface Book from Microsoft....the one with GPU and 16GB of RAM.


One of my artists sculpted a head to 3.7 million triangles, painted it in 3DC, and rendered the shadow maps at 4k in 2.5 hours.


No lag throughout the process. Battery was at 100% when he started and he ran it down to 24% remaining, so we calculate that he would have gotten to about 3.25 hours of heavy use had he gone on.


Definitely could use some touch controls to move and zoom the screen within 3D-Coat and a pen with two-buttons would be GREAT! We'll try things out with a 3D-Mouse this week, didn't have one in the office today. 


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great stuff!


is that battery time with keyboard attached? i read battery lasts a lot longer with keyboard attached.


Thanks for providing information. please keep us updated.

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