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[Per-pixel paint] Artifacts painting over overlapped uv shells, seams


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I have a low poly model and i'm trying to figure out how can i paint in 3D Coat without constantly fix everything in photoshop.

I have this model that the uv was made with half the mesh and then applied symmetry, overlapping shells.

the problem is that the 3D Coat brush is horrible to paint over any seam, even those that do not overlap have some sort of problem
already tried to send one overlapped shell  to 1-0 (no overlap, each shell in a UV room) and still the problem persists
I am using 2048 texture size
what am i doing wrong? how to avoid such problems with this UV type and seams?


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Do you have symmetry enabled? It should be disabled when working on overlapping symmetrical shells since otherwise it's actually painting on the same area twice which may cause issues.

thanks for the reply


Symmetry has always been off so i decide to turn it on to try.  Now everything works perfect, perfect blends over overlapping seams

in this case has symmetry on, solved the problem

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