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Greetings to all fellow artists , friends , co workers ,  pro and hobbyist.


As promised , i am keep adding new exciting software to our lifetime tutorial



Yesterday an exciting collaboration with Kukeygara Akeytsu took place.


 I will start adding Akeytsu animation tools to my tutorials (where i feel is needed) and i promise that you are going to love this piece of software , even more than i did. (if you want more just let me know , as always you can email me with requests etc)


This is so far and by far the easiest and pro quality results animation system i have ever used , and i have used and still use a lot of them.


All who buy tutorials with Akeytsu in the workflow / pipeline can extent (if needed) their free trial version by contacting Nukeygara team.


---> NOTE : For our single tutorials now , you can buy the learn license ($39) if you want and i will cheap in a bit  by making an exclusive discount on the current tutorial you are interested  (just email me asking for the discount before you buy the tutorial) to help you all buy it.


I do this on my own to help anyone who is in need of the learn license of Akeytsu but needs a bit of support to buy it.


Other exciting news , 


----> Hero mouse tutorial

 Hero mouse tutorial was  fully uploaded a couple days back


2 notes here : 

 a) A substance Designer tutorial on how to make materials and get them on 

3D Coat is being prepared , ALL Mouse Hero tutorial users WILL RECEIVE THIS FOR FREE!!!!


B) Fur with Houdini , i am re doing this part from scratch , as it came out super technical unfortunately. I am re making it more artist friendly and will be uploaded by the end of the week 




Bust tutorial Is half way there , with many additions , tips , full workflow and i decided to make a new part on it ,  to expose EXACTLY WHY YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BUSTS , what is going on , why you cant do it right, and what to do in order to achieve pro results.




See you all soon and thank you for the great support , what the best i can to

support back.




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A small correction regarding Akeytsu License , my bad and i apologise about that, 

--->  Learn license are meant strictly to Schools and Universities not for people who wants to learn about Akeytsu –in this case and for people who buy the tutorials and want to learn ,  they can start with a trial , that we can eventually extend but after then they should purchase an Indie license not a Learn License. Discount can be arranged.

Students can get Free Akeytsu license (valid 12 months )

 it’s here https://www.nukeygara.com/get-license  just send a request at info@nukeygara.com



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Whooooaaaaaaa , that one was a huge one to make lol


Greetings to all friends , artists , colleagues , pro and hobbyist !!!


Decided to throw a small....  wip update for the Bust tutorial (see the attached images)


Went both ways on this one....


Traditional Clay (one of the reasons we cant bust is because our hands are toooooooo clean....... ) with free sculpting and with height guides , 

i ended up with another lovely clay  bust for my collection!!!! , you will end up with KNOWLEDGE THAT IS EXTREMELY VALUABLE.


Digital Clay with 3D Coat ,  materials with Substance Designer (video included) and Painting with 3D Coat (all stages)


Anyway , what is left to do to finish and upload it : 


1) Intro and most important part if you ask me , why we cant bust ALL REASONS that EVERYONE IS NOT TELLING YOU , brake it down , solve all issues and start working.


2) Hair with the upcoming STANDALONE hair creation tool for REALTIME

POLYGONAL TOOL , both STAND ALONE and INSTANT LIGHT version is coming very very very soon.


3) Render with Instant Light new UNBIASED STRT Engine !!!


4) Some editing and voice overs (its huge and i guide you through everything)


So hopefully expect it by the middle of the coming week , discount will stay active until then .


I want to truly thank you for all the support , YOU ALL ROCK.




Traditional_Clay_Steps (0).jpg


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Hair from HairModeler inside 3D Coat for custom colour painting and custom stylising in the tweak room!!!!!

Uses only one texture (one diffuse and one normal) size 256 x 256!!!!!


And a render comparison with the texture replica option on (custom user png) !!!






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2 new collections are up!!!!

1) Ultimate Worn Edges Vol 2 3D Coat smart materials


AND !!!!!!!

2) Skin Wrinkles Generators 3D Coat Version


Preview says it all!!!!


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Hello to all friends.


This is my BLACK FRIDAY THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU  for all the support

and love you shown me so far. A huge thank you from heart.


Here it goes : 




From $199 down to $120 ONLY 5 seats are available.




From $199 down to $120 ONLY 10 seats are available.




From $19.99 down to $10 ONLY 10 seats are available.


Instant Light Upgrade from Indie to Pro

BLACK FRIDAY $10 from $20







Instant Light INDIE (Perpetual)




Instant Light PRO (Perpetual)




All Instant Light seats are limited as well.


Again a huge thank you all for the support and i wish you from heart the very best to you , your beloved ones , your family and friends.


Take care.

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Progress on the Toy to game model tutorial.

Again it came out HUGE as i decided to INCLUDED all of your requests from your emails.


For those asking WHY i choose such a small item the answer is because i wanted to show you ALL the difficulties you will face

when working with such small and highly detailed items , how to solve them , and how to get the best possible results when you will scan

bigger items (way easier)  


To recap , so far we have Part 1 (last videos are being edited as we speak)


1) Correct and wrong ways of photography studio FOR 3D SCAN photo based

2) Advance  Images MANUAL and AUTO clean up

3) Advance settings in Agisoft and how to troubleshoot 

4) MANUAL Scan fixes by sculpting 3D Coat

5) Low poly autopo 3D Coat

6) BAKE SCANNED details ON the  AUTOPO based and created FROM the  sculpted version with the  changes and fixes (complex things made super easy here)

7) Re paint and fixes 3D Coat


This Part 1 is going to be uploaded in the next 48 hours hopefully.


NEXT on Part 2 (finishing the voice over currently)

1) Akeytsu from scratch to animated model

2) ID maps and paint in Quixel

3) Unlimited variations in Unity


Tutorial is still on sale price !!!!




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Hello to all friends , 


new EXTREME DETAILED FULLY PROCEDURAL smart material collection

for 3D Coat!!!!


40+ seamless SciFi panels / Floors / Hatches / Electronics / Pipes

3D Coat smart materials.


Categories :

Scifi Panels / Floors / Hatches / Electronics / Pipes


PRE BUY : $9.99 ( Pre buy price is lower from any other sale )

Final price : $29.99 (2 to 3 weeks wait time)


PLEASE NOTE THAT : All 5 Previews shown here are ONLY from the FLOORS

categories and they are the simplest when compering with the rest

of the categories . Final estimated delivery with all categories included in

this collection is 2 to 3 weeks.


Collection is a MUST HAVE with EXTREME DETAILS.


It will be added as free to the 50 Subscribers collection and LIFETIME MATERIALS SUBSCRIBERS !!!

Will be added as free to the lifetime one time payment subscription !!!



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Final in Unity result with out custom shader with mask support so we can create infinite variations.

Editing the sound and i will upload in the next hours and close the sale price.


Thank you all for the support.


More images here ---> https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wQwoY

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I want to wish to all of you , one by one ,  a blessing 2018 , FULL of happiness , health and JOY!!! 


Personal success on anything you decide to do in life.


I want to truly thank you for all the AMAZING SUPPORT you shown me so far.

I am giving you a crazy sale on everything i have on Gumroad from 30% and up to 70%+ .


PLEASE READ : Make sure you grab whatever you are missing now on this sale as right after the sales i am going to take ALL PRICES UP and start working on new collections for 2018 , with SUPERIOR quality,  lots of Substance files (sbr and sbsar) , PBR Texture creator textures  (my software jejeje that soon will be available to all of you) and a lot more goodies are coming your way.


Merry Christmas (or any other holiday you are into)  to all you.


See you soon.....


Ohhhh i forgot ....


I am also giving gifts to ALL EXISTING AND NEW INSTANT LIGHT USERS!!!!

Kindly visit the site instantlightrt.com or my Gumroad page on Instant Light products for more details!!! 

Instant_Light_RE2_ (17)_clean.png

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I got contracted a couple days ago and here is the art test that gave me the job/

This also is going to be an upcoming tutorial series for Substance Designer and Instant Light , covering from the very basics in order to trully ubderstant what you are doing with the software's and stepping it up on each series.

Damaged Asphalt Substance Designer / Instant Light



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Yeap , here it is!!!

2nd SEPARATE PART of the 3 PART series for Substance Designer.  ---> https://gumroad.com/products/BCWze


A TRUE MUST HAVE as i know you truly enjoyed and most of all understood the first part of the tutorial , the basics , by revealing my personal workflow , secrets , tips etc etc.


AND now  THAT YOU MASTERED THE BASICS IF  YOU NEED / WANT to boost your knowledge on Substance this is your chance .


I PROMISED AND KEPT THE PRICE LOW so all of you can get it , BUT BEWARE you NEED the 1st part in order to understand this second part , AS THIS IS THE EXTENSION OF MY WORKFLOW BUT FOR ADVANCE MATERIALS.


First part can be found here (still on pre buy price even if i uploaded it fully).



Soooooo here is a DEMO EXACTLY  to see what we will be covering here 



Substance Designer Part 2 of 3 (2017 series)

PART 2 ---> Advance materials and the philosophy behind them


0 My personal Cheat Sheet!!!! FREE!!!


1 - Custom Shapes

1-1 Adding Depth to custom Shapes

1-2 Adding and combining Graphs

1-3 Custom Nodes !!!

2-1 - Advance and compining Custom Shapes

2-2 - Opacity in Substance Designer

2-3 - Resolution Constrains and Solutions

2-4 - Advance Coloration

2-5 - Metallic creation based on shape

2-6 - Normal Combine

2-7 - Compine blend with color and grayscale noises!!!

3-Full Damaged Congrete

3-0 How to read and understand breakdowns from Youtube (most common users requests)

3-1 Height Adjustments in Substance Designer

4-Combining all graphs to materials

4-1 Eating out the concrete to reveal the rebars

4-2 Exposing properties

4-3 Exporting sbsar for Substance Painter!!!


Pre buy PLUS Xmas discount ---> $19.99 

Final release Price ---> $69.99


Thank you all for the support , full files will be uploaded by the end of the week.



Xmas discounts will be over by this Monday night.


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Hello to all friends.


Last part of the Learn SD the EASY WAY is here!!!!


Not much to say , no more strength left as i just finished it last night!!!!




Dropped some fast renders and i am starting the voice to video and uploading.


Will be available hopefully in the middle of the next week and then i will take down all 3 series discounts. 

Kept my word as usual ITS YOUR ENJOY !!!




Substance Designer Part 3 of 3 (2017 series)


PART 3 ---> Working with real-life reference and REPLICATING COMPLEX MATERIALS


0 - Intro


1-1 3D Sculpting with Zbrush Core (New Technique)


2-1 3D Sculpting with 3D Coat (New Technique)


3-1 Making different alphas / height maps for Substance Designer with 3D Coat (New Technique)

3-2 Export alphas / height maps for Substance Designer with Photoshop (New Tequnique)


4-1 How to use the 3D Alphas in Substance Designer (New Technique)

4-2 How to make them look 3D with IRAY in Substance Designer (New Tequnique)


5-1 Importing the reference and making it stable

5-2 Start making the basic brick material (Level 0 in the stuck)

5-3 Making the base ground material

(All chapter 6 contains a mix of NEW and allready seen Tequniques)


6-1 First combine test of ground and brick 1


6-3 Fixes and adding brick 1-2

6-4 Creating the plates 1 material (Level 1 in the stuck)

6-5 Adding secondary plate normal on the plates 1 layer

6-6 Adding the opacity for the plates 1

6-7 Adding Plates 2

6-8 Refing plates and making and Adding wood planks (Level 2 in the stuck)

6-9 Adding bricks 2 open (Level 3 in the stuck)

6-10 Adding small plates (Level 4 in the stuck)

6-11 Adding small planks and changing bricks size (Level 5 in the stuck)

6-12 Adding more small plates and plus a third 3D Alpha!!!

6-13 External masking for small plates!!!

6-14 Fine tuning and manual masking 1

6-15 Fine tuning , damaging and manual masking 2 (New Tequnique)

6-16 Fine tuning , damaging and manual masking 3 (New Tequnique)

6-17 Adjusting overall height on final Graph (New Tequnique)


(All chapter 7 contains a mix of NEW and already seen Techniques)


7-1 Recolouring the ground and adjusting the height

7-2 Coloration Part_1 (New Tequnique)

7-3 Coloration Part_2 (New Tequnique)

7-4 Coloration Part_3 (New Tequnique)

7-5 Coloration Part_4 (New Tequnique)

7-6 Coloration Part_5 (New Tequnique)

7-7 Removing the ground for 3d coat (New Tequnique for 3d coat blending)

7-8 Recoloration based on final positions




8-1 AO (New Technique)

8-2 Rock Weathering (New Tequnique)

8-3 Shadowing effect correction (New Tequnique)

8-4 Mask for weathering (plates only applied)


Exporting to 3D Coat


9-1 Exporting

9-2 3D Coat smart material example

9-3 Instant Light test




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