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voxel/ sculpting menu has disappeared?


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I am currently playing around with the trial, but i really like the software so I will but once the trial period is over. 

A few days ago I saved the model I was working on, when I loaded the project today I found to my big surprise that the menu with the sphere tool, 2D paint and airbrush (the voxel tools) located on the left part of the screen, is gone!? 

I have read the manual and tried to reset the windows from the preferences window. Nothings works. 


The only way to get it back is to start a new project, but if I import my model the voxel menu disappears. 


Is this a bug? 


I attach an image of my menu, missing the voxel tool. 



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It appears that you have by mistake switched to surface mode or polygon mode... You are know longer in Voxel mode hence the tool set will not appear.


Look at the picture I uploaded and there should be a "S" label that is next to your vox tree layer. Click on that and you will get a dialog box asking how many voxels you want for conversion from surface mode polygons to voxels... Depending upon how detailed your model is the clue for how many voxels you need to capture those details. Just test and you will get it...


Here is a video to explain the difference... It is two years old, so somethings have changed but the major functions have not...



The below video explains how to navigate around 3DC's YouTube channel.



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