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Hello all,

I've been dabbling again with 3D-Coat, but am currently stuck with placing multiple spikes using the curve tool.

I just can't seem to see where I actually am at the moment since the curve spheres and the move gizmo are in the way.


Is there a way to disable these temporarily?

Thank you for your help :)

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Hide the gizmo by pressing the "Esc" key... When selecting a point make sure you click on and hold down the left mouse / pen button otherwise the gizmo will reappear.  I do not think you can hide the red control points atm..

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Thank you for the reply.
I think I may have worded my question wrong. I want to transform the whole curve with the "transform curve" option. That seems only possible with this Gizmo, but at the same time it really is in the way of transforming. I also tried the Spike-Brush, but did not seem to get the result I wanted.

I would appreciate any tips on how to do this efficiently.

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Here is a suggestion for you to test of see if you like it...


Since these curves appear to be the same, apply one curve in a neutral position. Then Instance the rest... or use the clone tool.

Now use the regular transform tool to position each object. (left tool panel)


This way you get rid of the red sphere and the regular transform tool is not so blocking of your view as the curve gizmo is. You can also just move the gizmo, align to views etc..


Once done with positioning the objects, you combine them on the same layer... whether or not you desire to combine them to the main object I do not know.


I think even if each curve was a different object, I would use the above method for myself. I believe it would be easier to control the placement.I would just have to be sure I was happy with each curved object before applying it.


Study the regular Transform tool panel in the picture. You have a number of options for manipulating the gizmo.


Put in a feature request if you so desire for the gizmo and red sphere changes you would like to have available in 3DC...


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