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Voxel sculpting brushes not working!!!!!!


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I am sculpting in the voxel room and am having strange issues with my brushes. No matter what size I set them to, the actual size is like 4 times larger than the yellow circle. If I go to the paint room the sizes are right. I can make the brushes extremely small and they will sort of work, but it is extremely laggy for some reason. I have uninstalled, and performed a clean install with no luck. Any suggestions would be helpful.



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Look at the red warning at the bottom of the 3DC interface...  (Non-Uniform)

You have transformed the voxels along an axis. Voxels are square 3D pixels having height, width plus depth and just a like a 2D image if you transformed pixels along a axis the image information gets distorted.

Right Click on the layer under the Vox Tree tab and select either to Global Space or Uniform Space to fix the axis distortion of the voxels. This will increase the resolution some as well. 


This could be the reason that your brush no longer works correctly... You will need to fix the problem on any other layers that have the red warning.

It is ok in sculpting voxels to transform along one or two axis but you always need to select Global Space or Uniform Space after doing so...

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The Clay brush and the Grow brushes are not alpha sensitive. 
Airbrush, Extrude, Build, Carve are. The Carve brush though is for very rough form work and it has other uses when using a spline from the e-panel.

Explore as well the small selection of Surface Mode brushes (left toolbar) that are available in Voxel Mode. After several strokes using these brushes, press enter on the keyboard to turn them into voxels. The surface clay brush is sensitive to alpha selections.


I do not know what you are desiring to create so pointers on what to use when is not in the nature of this reply.

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