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Some Diablo 3 Fan Arts =)


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Hi all =) I did some fan arts of Diablo 3 with 3D-Coat, mostly Handpainted but I tried PBR on the Skull ^^

Thanks to the 3D-Coat team, I have to say that I really love every second I play with your awesome software, I discover something new and usefull each time. I tried Substance Painter & Mari but none had the same UI flexibility and "kindness" ^^ I'm curious and excited to know what you are preparing for the next-awesome version ! =D

So hum...let's go with the fanarts ^^ I uploaded 3D Sketchfab viewer on my galllery if you want to take a look arround =)


Tristram's House

Alcarnus's House

Diablo Skull

I've also used 3D-Coat for making 2D Artworks, I take a Plane and start painting in diffuse mode only, I did this because I had the symmetry tool which doesn't exist in photoshop. After I've finished the most of the artwork, I send it to PS to improve the size and add some tweaks, but it's almost nothing regarding what I've done with 3DCoat =)

Leoric - The Skeleton King

The Butcher

Belial - Lord Of Lies

Azmodan - Lord Of Sin

SpeedPaint 55 - Prime Evil

After that, I've done a 3D Staff of a 2D FanArt of diablo I made one or two years ago, so it's not directly a fanart of the game...but, well :


Here's the fanart : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3d2rA



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