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50% OFF All 3D Coat Video Tutorials at Learn3DSoftware.com

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Merry Christmas Everyone,


We are having a 50% OFF all our 3D Coat Video Tutorials at LEARN3DSOFTWARE.com.




Below is a list of all our 3D Coat Training:


3D Coat Tutorial Catalog
3D Coat Version 4.5 Tutorials
3D Coat V4.5-Vol.#18-Smart Materials I- $9.50
3D Coat V4.5-Vol.#19-Smart Materials II- $9.50
3D Coat V4.5-Vol.#20-Smart Materials III- $9.50
3D Coat Version 4 Tutorials
3D Coat V4-Volume #1-Getting Started - $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #2-Getting Started II- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #3-UV Mapping I- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #4-UV Mapping II- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #5-Retopology I- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #6-Retopology II- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #7- Voxels I- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #8- Voxels VI- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #9- Voxels III- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #10- Voxels IV- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #11- Voxels V- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #12- Voxels VI- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #13-Dino Detailing I- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #14-Auto-Retopology Secrets- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #15- Photo Painting & Masking Tools- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #16- Texture Baking I- $9.50
3D Coat V4-Volume #17- Texture Baking II- $9.50
3D Coat Version 3 Tutorials
3D Coat 3.5-Auto-Retopology - $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Retopology- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Retopology II-Project Suchomimus- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-UV Mapping- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Normal & Displacement Maps- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Painting Color- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Voxel Sculpting-Project Dragon- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting I-Project Elephant- $9.50
3D Coat 3.5-Photo Painting II-Project Human- $9.50
3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#1- $9.50
3D Coat 3.7-Painting Tools & Alpha Brushes Vol.#2- $9.50
3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter UV Mapping-Quick Method- $9.50
3D Coat 3.7-Starfighter Detailing-Normal Maps- $9.50
3D Coat- 2D Sci-Fi Alpha Brush Collection Vol.#1- $9.50
Our Christmas/New Year's Sale also includes software training for other 3D packages including: Lightwave, ZBrush, Modo, Substance Painter, DDO.
Hope you all having a Safe and Fun Holiday!!
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