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Extrude Edges goes in wrong direction

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Hi - Just upgraded from 3DC 3.x to 4.5. A lot has changed! Anyway, I was doing some retopology on a leg, and when I extrude edges, sometimes the edges want to extrude in the wrong direction. They go up the leg where I already have polygons instead of down the leg where I need them.

So, I have to extrude, drop the tool, and then use the transform tool to move the new edges down the leg. Is there a better way to force the edges to change direction? Thanks! I'm using the stable version 4.5.19 (64-bit, GL-64-CUDA) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

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There is a new tool free extrude!!! Can you try this?

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A few more details.

Never did like the old style of extruding edges as they were to hard to control. A much requested featured has been added to the newest beta

You can now use the Transform tool or Free Extrude as mentioned to extrude edges or faces in an easy manner with lots of manual control through the use of the transform gizmo. Free Extrude uses the same transform gizmo as the regular transform tool.

Shown in Attached image. 

Commit Extrusion is a little confusing in the wording, just in your mind replace it with "a Extrude command"  Pressing the enter key is the same as mouse / pen clicking on the commit extrusion in the panel.


Select your edge ring

Select the Free Extrude or Transform tool, now press the enter key and move the transform gizmo to extrude the edges. Press enter again to extrude again, then just keep rinsing and repeating using the gizmo to move, rotate and scale as needed. 

Be careful though that you do not press enter twice or you will get overlapping polygons in that spot.

Snapping is disabled when you use the method, which I prefer. You can snap the mesh as needed as you work along, plus use the relax tool or brush tool to massage the mesh for a better fit. Of course you got the regular tools also, like move, slide edges etc for massaging the mesh.

Attached image shows the Transform and Free Extrude tool's panel.


Link to the newest beta.




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And thats why we all love David !!!

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