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How can I post bugs?


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This has probably been answered a million times but I am going to ask as I can't seem to find the answer on the forums (I know I am probably being stupid and not looking in the right place).


I was wondering how it is possible to post bugs. I use the Steam version of 3DC (version 4.5.19) and I am running into an issue which I remember being a bug way before 4.5.


Basically whenever I am in the retopo room I retopologize my model as normal and then in the same room I will start adding seams for my UV map. After adding the seams I unwrap and go into the UV room and nothing is in there, no voxels, no model. There is a layer however from the retopo room. I go to add a UV set as there is no UV sets made yet, as soon as I press the add UV set button I get a dialog box come up with a bunch of information about my computer and then I press ok and 3DC just shuts down. 


I was wondering what is the official way to log a bug so I could report this. Does it matter if I use the Steam version also?


The current build of 3DC on Steam is one of the stable releases as far as I am aware.





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There is no mesh in the UV room till you bake to the Paint Room.  

Once you create your seams and an unwrap in the retopo room, you are ready to bake or export the model with the uv set.

The name of the uv set is shown in the attached image and if you need to create more uv sets plus renaming.

Also if you have an external model that needs it's uv set adjusted, the uv room is good for that.


After baking if you need to adjust the uv set, go to the uv room adjust and then apply that uv set to the paintroom without re-baking. There are a few things to know when doing this concerning the normal map but I will explain when we get together. Plus I can go over about creating new uv sets, moving islands between them etc. etc...


At the top of the 3DC forum website is a link to Mantis for bug reporting. There was an issue with not being able register at mantis but you will need to check to to see if it is still occurring,


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