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Texture seam problem & 3DC>C4D Workflow confirmation ?


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I run into a problem with my export from 3dCoat to Cinema 4d.


Seams appear at my island's borders and i don't know what to do about it (you can see it in the very last screenshot below).

It probably is a step i haven't took in 3DC (i'm really new to topology & uv stuff so it might a simple mistake on my side).


I've made some screenshots about the steps i take to prepare in 3DC and export to C4D.


If some C4D users are here & are used to exporting from 3DC to C4D, thanks for confirming (or not) that my workflow is ok.

I use 3ds max preset for importing OBJ's in C4D, otherwise UVs are messed up.




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Ok, First I am glad you got your UV problem solved from your other thread my choosing the 3DS Max preset. You are making progress...

I am keeping a record of this for future to help other c4d users.


The next step.

First I recommend just work on the normal map as you have a shading problem causing the seams and lighting problems.

I do not have C4D so I had to look around for some video tuts to find the material import for C4D normal maps. 


Fixing the shading / seam problem is normally fixed by flipping one or a combination of the RGB channels in the normal map.

In C4D's normal map material importer shown in the attached image you can see where you can flip the RGB channels in the normal map when importing.


Try flipping a channel at a time when importing your normal map. Test, if it fails, try flipping another channel. Test. keep rinsing and repeating.

Sorry for the attached image quality as I grabbed it from a video. 


Once you have fixed this problem, the next step would be to make your own C4D normal map software preset in 3DC Preferences.


I know the problem can be fixed as I watched tutorials that go from 3DC to C4D using normal maps but a lot of times important information is left out, like choosing your Max preset for the uvs in C4D or if you need to flip one of the RGB channels in the normal map.

If the problem is fixed by flipping a RGB channel, could you be so kind to post here which one did the trick..


Edit: I added a clearer image of the importer.



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To go with the other post... There is more information on choosing the 3DS max obj import preset and how it might effect the normal maps but your problems could use a Skype session. I sent you a pm concerning a Skype session.

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Thanks Digman, we see that in PM !


For those interested, i made some progress :

the OBJ 3ds max import preset put the phong tag angle to 23°, which was responsible in some part for my problem. Just set it to more than 90° or all the way up to 180°.


The seams are still present. I'm currently going through all the normal method software preset (3ds max, maya 2013, 2012 etc...). Digman pointed that there are some further options for normal map creation in the preferences menu. I'll look into that.

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