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I've read somewhere that voxels are very suitable for turning 2D medical scans in 3D objects. I'm not a doctor, just a computer graphics enthousiast, but it would be nice if 3D coat could have this option to.

In Belgium we have a company called Materialise that 3D prints data from CT scans. I would love to see this option available for the general public. They do plastic surgery and orthopedic reconstruction with 3D prints. This could open up a whole new market for 3D Coat with it's amazing voxel sculpting tools. You would have to be able to handle exact dimensions and sizes of the limb you're trying to replicate.








http://www.volumedic.com/   -> a Lightwave plugin



Haven't you thought about this Andrew?

There is no such solution available at the market at this moment. Go making some big money with your software Andrew.



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There are readily available open source programs for medical modelling that can be used to generate models from CT and MRI datasets. I have used Slicer 3D (https://www.slicer.org) and InVesalius (http://www.cti.gov.br/invesalius/). These programs are not quite as slick as Mimics (Materialise) but can get the job done. The hang-up for this process is gaining access to the medical data, due to privacy concerns. 



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