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[Solved] How To Make Alpha Brushes + Where To Save Them?


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I am struggling to find out how to make alphas for my brushes for use when sculpting in the Voxel room. I have seen an old tutorial by Javis but I don't know if this still applies. He basically shows that alphas are made of 4 layers 'Color', 'HeightMap', 'Specular' and 'EraserMask'. Does this still apply?


My last question is, where do I save my alphas once I have made them in Photoshop? 


I see in 'My Documents' there is 2 folders '3D-CoatV3' and '3D-CoatV45'. Inside '3D-CoatV3' there is only one folder called 'Exchange'. Inside '3D-CoatV45' there is a bunch of folders.




I don't know which one I should save my brush alphas to. I would like to make my own folder so I can differentiate the standard brushes from my own custom brushes. Is there a way to do this and if so where would I place that folder with the alpha files.



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1: Create a folder to place your alphas in, your choice of location on your hard drive.

2. Create your alphas in Photoshop or another paint program. Save the alphas to your created folder. This acts as storage folder.

3:Open 3DC, go to the alpha panel and select the Folder icon with the + symbol, create your folder and name it.

4. Select New in the folder, then open texture file.  Not only can you open a texture file but an obj model as well to be used as an alpha.

5. Select your alpha.

6. Your alpha is stored internally in the Textures / Patterns folder of 3DC that is under your User name in windows.

Done and now you have your user created alpha folder, which also can be shared as a extension.


2 images attached to this post.


The video though old is still the way it works... I will share for others to view.




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They work ;)




Would I need to edit them in Photoshop to include the 'Colour', 'HeightMap', 'Specular' and 'EraserMask' layers or can they just be used straight away with no editing?



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Is there a way to store brush alphas on a different drive? I just tried adding some new brushes alphas I purchased, and 3D Coat popped a warning about not enough disk space. My main C: drive is red-lined capacity and storing all these alphas is making it worse. I'd love to store all my alphas on a different drive and just point to them in 3D Coat...is that possible?

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If you want to add an entire folder of brush alphas, in the upper right portion of the ALPHAS pallet, click the List Menu toggle. Then click ADD EXISTING FOLDER. Locate the folder you want ot use > Double-click an image in that folder and 3D Coat will load them all into the pallet, and it will be stored as a subfolder.

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