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I am looking for a little bit of help. I am working with a model which I have instanced a ton of times (roughly 119 million triangles) and I am looking to retopo my model, but performance in the viewport is starting to feel a little sluggish.


Is there any tips on how I can improve performance when not sculpting and just doing retopo or UV work? 


I have everything CUDA on at the moment and my GPU is a GTX 970 which has about 4GB of RAM and I have 16GB of RAM currently inside my PC. Don't know if you need all that info but hey :)





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Without seeing the model and if you are trying to retopo as whole, I will give one answer though it might not meet your need.

Hold down the Alt key and click on the layer you want to start retopoing on. This will hide all the other layers. If the instances are children of a layer, then the root layer will not been hidden but all the others will be hidden.


The method should work whether you are retopoing as a whole or separate pieces.


Now retopo the unhidden layer, then alt click again to revel the other layers. 

Choose another layer, rinse and repeat.


The above will give a big performance boost.


Side Note: Once you bake to the paint room and are completely happy with the outcome, then you could remove all the voxel / surface mode layers. Save that file as your Paint file for the object. This will give you a performance boost for painting. Of course be sure you have a good backup file before removing the voxel /surface layers...

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Wow, that's A LOT of triangles. :o Unless you intend to bake multiple 8k or 4k UDIM tiles*, I suggest to locally (with CleanClay set to Decimate) or globally (with Geometry->Decimate) reduce the polycount of each of your VoxTree layers. This will boost your viewport performance and free some memory without reducing the quality of baked textures. If for example you're baking to a single 2k or 4k map, then most of the sculpture's super details will be lost. But you might already now this.


If you don't want to do the above, then what you can do, apart of what Digman already suggested, is to duplicate all of your layers, decimate those duplicates A LOT (just so they retain their form and details that you want to model with your lowpoly geometry), hide the originals and simply retopo over their decimated versions. :) However, it's possible that with such huge polycount and only 16GB of system RAM, you might run out of memory. So maybe it's better to duplicate and decimate one layer at a time. Or, do this on a copy of your scene, and after duplicating and decimating each VoxTree layer, delete the original one.


Make sure that you have created a backup of your file before trying out anything that I suggested above!


* - and even if you do, you could always simply paint super details, like skin pores, etc. in the Paint Room.

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I am instancing bricks around my scene to make a full wall model which I will eventually retopo and bake. I am only using one brick and instancing that so I will just retopo that one brick and UV unwrap and bake that and just save the resulting model to my 'Models' tab and use that brick to instance instead :)


I figured if I am instancing my models around the scene why not retopo and UV and bake as I go along to keep problems like this from happening. It also gives me piece of mind when re - using these models as I know they have great topology and are as low poly as I can get them with awesome bakes :D


I am trying to work as efficiently as possible, I am still learning modelling and I feel I am at a level where I can start to look at other workflows and incorporate those into my modelling so I am working as cleanly as possible and getting great results fast.


Thanks for the suggestions guys :)

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