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Where is Brush Strength?


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I have been away from 3D-Coat for a while and came back today to paint in it. I am using the Clone Tool and the brush isn't laying down the paint strokes nearly as strong as I would like. I feel like an idiot for having to ask this, but I don't see anywhere to adjust the strength of the brush. I checked the manual and the forums and can't find anything either. Can someone help me figure out how to increase the brush strength?



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Opacity = Brush Strength....duh....for some reason I was looking for strength and flow options. No wonder I couldn't find them. So with Opacity set at 1, what percentage of full strength is that? What number is considered 100% opaque?

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1.000 is full opacity..

1.000 is full depth

Both can manually be set past 1.000


If you are using a tablet and pen, the clone tool is still sensitive to pen pressure. 

Choose the brush type shown in the attached image so the brush pen is no longer sensitive to pressure.


A Tip:

If you need the brush radius to be sensitive to pen pressure and still need opacity at 100%, set the opacity value somewhere around 10.0 to 20.0 in the tool's panel. I just use 20.0 and I have a perfect match, though 10 should be ok, maybe less that.. I have not tested.

This works good for the first brush type from the e-panel.


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