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The Custom Quick Menu Palette

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i'm a doofus :X


i installed 3d coat on a new machine, (4.5.19)  and... i can't remember how to put a tool on the quick user custom thingy?  AND i can't remember the exact name of the custom palette quick tool thingy, so i can't find it in the 3d coat manual.


a clue?  a hint?  please.  :)



you know what i mean?  i used to have a little floating palette with my most-used tools/settings.  and i would click on those to grab my tools, instead of scrolling through the list on the left for them.



oh, while i'm here... BONUS question!  how do i get rid of the neutral zone borders on the workspace?  the things that are there so if the model is zoomed in and there's no 'empty' space in your view, they are treated as empty space so you can click and move the camera instead of sculpting?  i don't use those, and they make me nuts.  i got rid of it in my older version somehow...



thanks a bunch!


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I think what you meant by Palette is really Panel, at least that is what I am assuming by your description.


Windows menu----Popups---Tool Presets.


Netural Zone borders

Camera---Customize Navigation---Scroll to the bottom of the panel

Deselect the first box... put the other two at "0'


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haha, okay, but...


show pop-ups: tool presets  is this huge panel with um... all the tools in it.  how do i only show the 'quick access' part?


::pokes around some more::


OH!  no no no no no!  tool PRESETS, not tool PALETTE!  duhr.  sorry.  never mind me!




...wait... this is full of stuff.  :/  how do i clear it out?  i want the empty one where i put MY stuff in it.




aha!  CLEAR ALL!  boom!


i will just shut up now...



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