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UV Map: Animal: Human Readable

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okay, yes it is me, the annoying one again.


trying to uvmap always gives me a headache. 



i have created this frog.  i have retopo'd this frog into a nice mesh.  (this is new for me in 3d coat, yay!)  i have marked where i want the seams.  to whit:


1: i want the main head and body and limbs of the frog laid out like a bearskin rug.  split up the belly, folded out, and viewed from the spine.

2: i need to see both sides of the hands/feet, so the edge seams of those are marked.

3: i want the inner mouth and tongue to be separate, so those are cut out with seams marked around the edges.  the tongue also has a seam up the bottom/back where it can be split.



can i achieve this with 3d coat?  can you tell me how?



because what i get is...


1: a splodge of the frog with one leg attached, viewed and stretched at some diagonal angle.

2: one palm and one foot bottom off on their own.  and one leg off on its own.

3: i don't know where the mouth and tongue are, i think they're attached to the splodge.

4: this i can't explain at all... there is one separate rectangular island, it appears to be the right half of the belly.  why this is cut out from everything else is anybody's guess.




ps: i did all the seam marking (and retopo editing) with symmetry turned on.  did that mess something up?



pps: beware my mad trackball drawing skillz on image two, how i hope/imagine/want the uvmap to look.  (yes, i know, there will be some distortion.  in the industry where i work, some distortion is acceptable if the map has fewer seams and is easy for humans to read.)





i tried all the tutorials i could find.  but they were all really just...  mark seams, press button, accept a buncha islands of various shapes.  i need... some more control  :/


thanks guys!


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If possible can you share the model either through this thread, a cloud service or pm me with a link. I will do some test for you and report back here.

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Bloodsong shared the file with me and this is the final result after working on it today... The hands and feet can be resized to capture more texture space. I am leaving that up to Bloodsong...  Whether this mesh meets the requirements of the industry he works in I do not know but I did make it human readable.


I fixed the symmetry of the model as well and remove a few n-gons.


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hey hey, that is AWESOME!


and yeah, after screwing with the object some more, i found some asymmetries and errors.  (which is weird, i was pretty sure the new cuts i made while working in the retopo room were applying to both sides -- i SAW them! -- but when i opened the obj file, some were missing...)


ANYway!  BUT!  lol!   it's not that i appreciate all your hard work, but how did you do that?  i need to learn so i can do that for all my models.  did you make a tutorial or um... something?  maybe?


or just some clues?  i marked the seams okay, i think.  but after that, the unwrapping options all totally lost me.  and then... was there uvmap massaging somehow?  :/  i need to be better at this. 



thanks so much!!

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If you did not see the pm I sent you it has the updated mesh... You can look at it to see where I placed the seams... 

It took a little figuring out but 3DC will do a good job in most cases. No software is always a 100% at everything, The reason at times we will use a few others. In this case 3DC did fine and there was no need to use another software.

A few areas overlapped in the uv-wrapping but I used the edges tool to move them and then ran a relax to remove the stretching in the areas I moved in the uv set.

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