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We would like to deploy 3D-Coat to our visual arts student computer labs. The software deployment and management tool that we use is fairly flexible but in order to report on what version is installed on the lab systems and determine if the software should be deployed or updated we need to have a way of determining the accurately version of 3D-Coat.app from files on disk. Typically, and the standard method, would be to use the application CFBundleVersion or CFBundleShortVersionString. Unfortunately this is set to 1.0 for 3D-Coat.app. Could this please be updated to accurately display the correct version with each new release? This seems trivial but is a major roadblock for us to be able to mass-deploy and properly manage software. Apple has a lot of documentation on it if required but simply updating the two keys within the 3D-Coat.app/Contents/Info.plist file is all that we would need.



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