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Have different objects on different UV maps?

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Is there a way for objects in the voxtree to have individual UV maps? In the attached picture, you can see that all three uv maps are in the same 2d image -- is there a way to have them each be on their own?


Thanks much in advance!



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Hi !


Create under the Groups tab in the retopo room a new layer for each uv island.

Now select a uv island and then in the Groups tab at the bottom there is a icon to move all those selected polygons to the layer you have currently selected.

The move icon is the second to last one.

Hope this help


Above the upper left hand corner of the viewport there is a drop down menu option to make a new uv set. Do that, and then move the desired uv islands (a.k.a "shells") to the new uv set that you have created. That way they will not all be superimposed upon each other. You can do this the same way in either the Retopo room or the UV room. Make sure to click on the "Apply UV" button when you are done.

AbnRanger shows how to do it in this video here:

There is also good information in this video here:

Also, you can merge to the Paint Room and then just export your model without any of the maps and the UVs you created will remain intact for baking operations in an external app like Xnormal.

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