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3D Coat tutorial on Gumroad

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omg.. that music...


does he have the music through the video lessons too?

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Just a little note, but for anyone who has a basic understanding of 3d coat you can skip the first 2 hours+ and 3gig+ of downloading for "Intro" and "Sculpt1" as it's just David going over UI and tool functions.


Haven't watched anything more than that yet myself, but if David is on these forums I'd just like to say:

The points/faces retopo tool is the bomb! it has the split, add/split and move tools built in, via Ctrl, Ctrl+Shift, and right click+drag on a vert. You can also change what Ctrl and Ctrl+Shift do.


Also please learn how to use the strokes retopo tool. You're killing me here.

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