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Displacement map is pixelated & useless?

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I'm finding that exporting a displacement map is not getting the results needed. As you can see in the picture from Blender, the displacement map is all pixelated and useless really -- it doesn't add any additional depth or anything. What am I doing wrong in this process?

Here is my workflow:
1. Unwrap object
2. Retopo room > file > export retopo object
3. Retopo room > bake > bake into normal map for per pixel
4. Paint room > textures > texture baking tool
5. Input: Choose the .obj exported from step 2.

Thanks much in advance!




Here is a link to the .3b file.

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Wrong workflow for a displacement map and I would consider not using that node setup in Blender for a displacement map. Use the displace modifier instead and bypass hooking into the displacement output in the Material output Node. In my opinion the displace modifier works better and is not prone to crashing Blender. Of course I needed the Subdivision Modifier added first then add the Displace modifier.

From the Blender Docs... "Displacement can also be done manually by use of the Displacement Modifier." or as it is listed in blender under the modifier tab "Displace"


Do not use the Texture Baking tool but use File Menu---Export Objects and Textures.


Regular Per-Pixel normal baking from the retopo room: The normal map has no true depth to create a displacement from but any depth painting you add after you bake from the retopo room can be exported as a displacement map.


Watch this video on a special way to bake for per-pixel and get a true displacement map.

Or choose to Bake to the paint room using "Bake into Scene Micro-vertex" which is true polygon displacement. There are settings in the baking panel to get the best displacement map but is not the subject of this post.


3DC is a deep program which takes awhile to learn all its features.


Attached image shows a model with a displacement map and a normal map rendered using Blender Cycles.

Model is a free scan which I created a lower retopo mesh for----Creative commons license... https://www.artec3d.com/3d-models

The normal map helps brings out the details. The normal map does not need to be at full strength as it overly effects the shading.The model not shown for quality. I just did an auto-unwrap a very much no no for a displacement map as artifacts are created which you shall see but good enough to show for what I am talking about. Also no PBR materials were used just a flat simple color with some ao baked in.


I will test your 3DC file tomorrow.. I did a test after all tonight err... Morning LOL... 

I rebaked so I removed some of your additional layers but I was after the displacement map. 

I also created a few more uv seam cuts and uv-islands.

Method used for my test: You do not have to choose the same method.

Micro-Vertex for the displacement map

Per Pixel for the normal map.

My panels for baking and exporting the displacement map for your model. Tangent Normal map not shown...

Blender test same as above.







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Hey Digman, thanks for all of this. I can tell you really put the effort into getting me this info.


However, I am still lost. I looked at the video but that is for an older version of 3d coat, and those menu items don't exist anymore.


Here is the new workflow I tried, but still it didn't work out:

1. Retopo room > bake menu > Bake w/ per pixel w/ displacement

2. Paint room > texture editor > switch to displacement map UV set
3. Textures menu > export > displacement map of visibile layers > choose correct UV set
If you could give me a similar workflow, using steps like I did above, that would help me out a lot.

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Alright I looked through your post more, and tried the following steps:

1. Retopo room > Bake for micro vertex
2. Paint room > export objects and textures


However, all the textures come out blank -- there is not displacement map on them. Do you know why this is happening?

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I sent you PM with a link with my version of the file plus some advice... Hope it helps you some...

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Okay I got it to work by putting it in a new scene like you said.


Quick question -- Why do you need to bake it using micro vertex in order for the displacement maps to come out right?

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Baking using Per Pixel with displacement works as well... Artist call... Test both ways and use the displacement map you like best and workflow or a combination of both plus sometimes I will use micro-vertex for the displacement and then the bake regular per pixel normal map though I will subdivide the model to the same amount in the baking  panel as I did for the displacement map. . The workflow chosen depends upon the model and the intended use.


Attached image shows my Per Pixel with displacement baking panel and the other image the exr result on this simple test..



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I see. So really, the important part of the process is that you export it using "export objects and textures", instead of the texture baking tool.


Again, do you know why this produces different results?

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