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Basic UV Mapping Question for a Hard Surface Model

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So I'm kind of new to the whole UV mapping process within 3D-Coat.  I imported a model and used auto-mapping on it.  I'm currently trying to figure out how to stitch the UVs together and create good islands for continuous texture flow.  My current (wrong) understanding is that if I wanted to create a UV island, I would have to take the following steps:


  • Clear the Seams
  • Choose the "Mark seams" tool with "islands" and "select" selected
  • Select the applicable polygons I want to stitch together
  • Choose either "Auto Seams" or "Sharp Seams" and 3D Coat spits out an island?
  • Apply the UV Set?


Here's a screenshot that illustrates what I'm trying to do.  I've already cleared the seams but the model still looks like a bad acid trip:




As always, thank you for the advice.  

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Delete the seams you have circled except the outermost (to preserve the separation of that edge loop) and "Unwrap" your new UV map. The result would have all the components the same color rather than the many colors shown.


Actually, you could consolidate a lot of stuff before you Unwrap.

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