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Sculpting room mesh distortions and light angle


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Really enjoying 3Dcoat, but I'm having two issues in the sculpt room that I can't seem to get rid of, but which are probably easy to fix if one knows how :D


One is that resampling the mesh seems to cause it to break a few brush or smoothing strokes later. This happens quite often in surface mode, but I can't seem to find out exactly what causes it. It does not seem to respect symmetry either, which is weird.

Screencapture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/02vzompckb5zknc/ice_video_20160228-121701.webm





The other one is that I can't seem to reposition the light  :D

Screencapture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gyzfh5wc1p320ax/ice_video_20160228-131758.webm


Any help would be appreciated!

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This was the answer from a post of Jan 22, that I replied in.


"The below does not include the render room where is it possible to have a few lights and some control over the light direction parameters


You can not adjust the same type of light angle as was possible in the pre-pbr versions of 3DC. The light angle only rotates the ENV map in a horizontal fashion.


There is one way to have some of the old style of light angle movements but appears to be only for the Sculpt Room or in the paint room when you are painting polypaint on a surface mode object.

Geometry menu / Cast Shadows. Light from the Env will be disabled.

Camera / Background /  Use Gradient.   I do this otherwise when moving the light the env maps also moves which is distracting.

Camera / Background / lock Env.


The above is good to help check your sculpt under different lighting conditions."


On your surface mode corruption, I would send to the development team the 3DC file in question. In 3DC under the Help menu, there is link to unload your file to 3DC support. Be sure to include tools used, steps to recreate the problem or in other words a complete workflow of how you got there from start to finish. In posting these reports here at the forum, it is always good to give the verison of 3DC you are using.  I followed the steps given in your post but was unable to produce the mesh corruption as shown in your video.

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