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New Tutorial- Pulse Rifle:Modeling on Vimeo

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Hey everyone,



I wanted to let you know that I have a new tutorial series on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. In it I go through the process of modeling an energy weapon based around the style of a weapon from Destiny. This particular part of the series I use Modo, I cover lots of details on the tools in Modo and how to use them in various ways. Watch the extra-specially nerdy trailer!




Here's the URL for the first part:




I'm running a temporary discount (5$ off the buy price) until the day before the video launches. Here's the code:



This tutorial is available for pre-order now, and will launch later this week on Friday if all goes unhindered. More parts of this series are in the works. By the end we'll have a textured and rendered pulse rifle fit for a portfolio piece or as a game asset. I'll be using a lot of Modo, 3D-Coat, Photoshop and some other tools in this series. :) Got any questions about this video or the series? Let me know. Happy to answer if I can. Cheers.

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Hey Javis;


Last fall I was able to buy MODO full licence on sale for 1200.00 Canadian. So I'm really interested in the MODO to 3DC work pipeline. I tried to buy the pre - release but got this message when trying to apply the promo code


This promotion is only applicable to purchases made in USD. Please contact the creator for help.


I certainly will buy this tutorial and any other ones involving MODO and 3DC. 

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Hey Denis! I took a look at the settings and it should be accepting all currencies available (including CAD). To troubleshoot, what I've done is changed the currencies by manually selecting each one instead of allowing it to automatically select them. If you could give it a shot again and let me know, I would appreciate it!


Scratch that. The issue still exists. Hold tight!


I've also contacted Vimeo support to let them know about the issue. Thanks too, for letting me know. :)

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Ok, it should work now. However, I had to make a new coupon code for it to work. It looks like the way coupon codes work with dollar values is for is not universal and for USD only. So this new promo code is percentile based, which will equal the same value. Oi!



Here's the code:




Apologies for the inconvenience. This code will also last until Monday, a bit of time after the release, due to the trouble.

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