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New Tutorial!! Hard Surface UV Mapping in 3D Coat 4.5

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New Tutorial!! Hard Surface UV Mapping in 3D Coat 4.5





In this twenty-first video volume of 24 volumes 3D Instructor Adam Gibson goes through a project based session of Hard Surface UV Mapping of a multi-mesh layered sci-fi vehicle.
UV Mapping for a lot of 3D artists can be a frustrating task. 
In this course easy to use work-flow tips and concepts are discussed and demonstrated to get you UV Mapping your 3D models quickly and efficiently. 
*Bonus: Content Folder Included.
Table of Contents for Volume #21
Chapter 1- Intro
Chapter 2- What is Hard Surface UV Mapping?
Chapter 3- 3D Model Preparation Tips and Gotchas 
Chapter 4- Breaking Up Model Layer into Easier to Unwrap Pieces
Chapter 5- Importing Model Into 3D Coat & Surface Materials/Paint Objects Visibility
Chapter 6- Interior Compartment UV Unwrap
Chapter 7- Exterior Compartment UV Unwrap
Chapter 8- Rear Hatch Plate UV Unwrap
Chapter 9- Front Wing Rotators UV Unwrap
Chapter 10- Front Wing Thrusters UV Unwrap
Chapter 11- Front Wings UV Unwrap
Chapter 12- Upper Laser Cannons UV Unwrap
Chapter 13- Lower Laser Cannons UV Unwrap
Chapter 14- Cockpit UV Unwrap
Chapter 15- Tail Fin UV Unwrap
Chapter 16- Rear Wing Thrusters UV Unwrap
Chapter 17- Rear Wings UV Unwrap
Chapter 18- Rear Wing Rotators UV Unwrap
Chapter 19- Rear Compartment UV Unwrap
Chapter 20- Tail Fin Support UV Unwrap
Chapter 21- Cockpit Nose UV Unwrap
Chapter 22- Top Cap Panel UV Unwrap
Chapter 23- Compartment Doors UV Unwrap
Chapter 24- Rear Fins UV Unwrap
Chapter 25- Export to UV Unwrapped Model to Lightwave
Chapter 26- Final
Running Time:  4 hrs. 4 mins.
High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) 
Video Format: MP4 (.mp4)
Level: Beginner
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Hey Adam, 


Have you thought about improving the presentation of your website and products? I see you post here quite often with new 3dc videos, but the whole 1995 geocities vibe is really off-putting. Not only that but you don't seem to offer any sort of trailer or promotional material for your tutorials. A lot of people (myself included) would like to see the sort of training they'd get before making a purchase, as nowadays a bullet point list of text is just not enough to entice people.


Maybe it's just me, but I'm surprised nobody on the forums has mentioned it whenever you post up new tutorials. The site is the first thing people see when you're trying to sell them something, so it essentially acts as a reflection for the quality of what they'll be purchasing. It makes sense to put time/money into the "shop front" of your store if you want people to come in.

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Thank-you for your advice Gary. We keep things very simple on our main website so that we can keep prices affordable for our customers and students.


We do have our courses available on a few different websites. I believe on the Udemy website there is video preview for some of our courses.


We have a very loyal base of customers that have been getting great feedback and support for the video training for many years now.


I love the 3D Coat community and all the support they have given.


Lots of good people here :)


I'm looking forward to the bright future of 3D Coat :)


Hope you are well Gary and best of luck to you in your 3D adventures :)


Have a Great Day!!

Edited by Adam Gibson
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