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Voxels- Fill Voids to new layer

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Hello, this is my first post. I have been using 3d coat for years though. It's the best.


I want to create a layer that is the "positive" of the void created by using the Extract Shell command.


Select a voxel layer, use the Extract Shell: Make Shell Mesh Using Voxels command. This creates a perfect shell. You can inspect the results using the VoxRay tool.


Now, I'd like to create a new mesh, on a separate layer, that is the filled void we just created. I can use the Fill Voids command, but that fills the void into the current layer.


I want the final result to be two separate voxel layers. The first layer is the "shell", the second is the "core".


I've tried using VoxHide with depth limit in the e-panel, but the results are not what I need. The Extract Shell command is beautiful because it uses the voxel normals to create a perfect shell.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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You may duplicate the layer with voids on a separate layer, then Fill voids on it. Then subtract object with voids from objects without voids = you get voids themselves. :D

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